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A new dimension to the Quadrant Group offering.


Our eGaming services add another exciting dimension to the Quadrant Group offering. These allow us to provide a full spectrum of licensing solutions to our clients within a fast turnaround time.

Benefits of an Isle of Man Licence

Isle of Man: A Premier Jurisdiction for Online Gambling Licences

The Isle of Man is a tier-one jurisdiction and a renowned hub for online gambling, with numerous major gaming companies selecting it as their operational base. The Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission (GSC) is the regulatory authority overseeing all gambling activities on the Island and has earned a reputation as one of the world’s most reliable and trustworthy gambling regulators.

Benefits of an Isle of Man Licence:

  1. Tier One Licence – The Isle of Man licence is considered as a tier one licence which carries significant credibility.
  2. Access to lucrative pre-regulated markets – This includes Asia, Africa, and LATAM.
  3. Attractive financial incentives – This includes 0% corporation tax, 0% capital gains tax, and no dividends taxes.
  4. Local bricks-and-mortar banking is supported.
  5. No barriers when choosing Payment Service Providers and Software Providers.
  6. No jurisdictional limitations for providing the content.
  7. Simplified licence with all gambling verticals included under one licence.
  8. Approximately 12-week turnaround from licence application submission to licence hearing.

Gambling Licences

The Isle of Man offers various gambling licences, including:

  • Full Licence: Considered as the ‘standard’ licence that covers all online gambling verticals, including sports betting, casino, poker, lotteries, and other games of chance. Issued under the Online Gambling Regulation Act 2001.
  • Network Services Licence: A Network Services Licence operates the same as a Full Licence but the Network Services Licence allows Network Partner’s registered players to play their games without being required to reregister them. Issued under the Online Gambling Regulation Act 2001.
  • Sub-Licence: Permits a licensee to sub-licence their online gambling operations to other companies.
  • Software Supplier Licence: Enables Software Suppliers to list their content on the GSC’s Approved Software Register.
  • Token-Based Software Supplier Licence: Allows Token-Based Software Suppliers to list their token-based gambling software on the GSC’s Approved Software Register.

The Isle of Man’s online gambling licencing process is rigorous, and applicants must prove they are fit and qualified to hold a licence. The GSC requires comprehensive information about applicants’ business plans, financial stability, and management structure, as well as thorough background checks.

Isle of Man Gambling Licencing Process

Key steps in the Isle of Man gambling licencing process:

  1. Getting Started: Engage with Quadrant Gaming for licence application preparation for submission to the GSC.
  2. Licence Application Preparation/Submission: Quadrant Gaming will prepare the licence application and submit this to the GSC, this includes preparation of the licence application forms, business plan, policies and procedures, financials and due diligence.
  3. Licence Approval: Following a 12 week review of the licence application, the GSC will invite the applicant and Quadrant Gaming to attend a formal licence hearing where a decision is made to approve or reject the licence application.
  4. Post Licence Approval: With the support of Quadrant Gaming, Licensees must adhere to the GSC’s ongoing reporting requirements and maintain compliance with Isle of Man legislation.

For more information, contact us by email at info@quadrantgaming.im

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Company culture has always been the compass that guides our success, maximizes opportunity, and propels us and our clients to new heights. 

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